A Diverse Trip ~~ Week One

Husband and I have been away ~~ down in Southern California.  Two very diverse areas — and two very different weeks.

First stop, Palm Springs.

We try to go to the wonderful Palm Springs Tennis Club every couple of years.  Here, Husband has the time of his life playing tennis, taking tennis clinics and finding doubles matches — he played every day.


So what did I do while Husband perfected his serve? Of course, I got to read in the warm and dry desert air.  This was the view from our little patio.


But I also explored the neighborhoods both on foot and using the resort bicycles.  Palm Springs folks have a different take on home design.

I even found the estate where Elvis and Priscilla spent their honeymoon.


Desert gardens are quite tempting – plant a few cactus, maybe a palm tree or two, rake the gravel and phew you’re done…




We did do some other things while there. We have always wanted to tour Sunnylands, often called the West Coast Camp David, but the tours are small and sell out quickly.  So we planned ahead and bought tickets the first day they went on sale and had a marvelous tour of the Annenberg’s retreat where they hosted presidents and digniaries for many years.  Click on the link above for more information. Here are some photos.  Are you bored yet?

Well never mind, just a few more photos and we’ll move on.

We took a couple of long bike rides up into the hills to see even more impressive desert homes and villas.  (By the way, the bikes were land cruiser type and sort of like steering wheelbarrows.)


Then we drove over to Desert Hot Springs where we got to soak in naturally warm and sulfur free hot spring pools.  They ranged from warm, to nicely medium, to yikes this is hot.  We tried them all.  Even got the senior discount to use the pools. From the look on Husband’s face,  I think this is the hot pool.


Thus ends our first week.

Next stop – well, that will be the next post.

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