A Halloween Booooooook Sale…

It’s that time again…the

The Big — Really Big —  Book Sale

The iconic annual tradition here in San Francisco.

This Friends of the SF Public Library sale is the largest used book sale in the West and attracts book lovers from around the nation.  Over 500,000 books and media with nothing priced over $4. You know you’re in trouble when they give you a shopping cart as you enter the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason

Pretty amazing.  Come and see for yourself.  Dates above.

No question, I’ll be there —  both volunteering and shopping.



  1. sally allinger
    Oct 28, 2018

    Wonderful graphics, exciting news.
    Will Ray put a homing device on your collar before he lets you out of the house on Oct. 31 ?
    Don’t get lost, once you come up for air you’ll realize that home and husband have their charms as well. s

  2. MV
    Oct 27, 2018

    LOL memories with you there… xoxo

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