Full Stop

Stop all my other reading.

Stop watching television.

Stop everything.

Look what arrived in my mailbox today!

An advanced readers copy of Louise Penny’s latest mystery

Many (many) thanks to Minotaur/St. Martins press.

Kingdom of the Blind will be published on November 27th.


Once again, Book Barmy advice —  circle November 27th on your calendar, set those reminders on your phones, drop everything and get thee to your local independent bookstore — and purchase your own copy.


Meanwhile, I’m all prepped:

Hot tea in thermos — check

Comfy clothes on — check

Cancelled anything not urgent — check

Stretching videos for reading breaks* — check

Folder of restaurant delivery menus — check

Bye for now.  See ya.

I’m not available for anything or anyone for a few days.



* This PBS stretching series is a new discovery.  Husband and I have 40 or so saved on our DVR and while they seem deceptively simple, they are wonderful for posture (mine is terrible) and joint pain.  Miranda is 60+, a former ballet dancer, and her movements/stretches really have improved my posture, muscle tone, and flexibility.  Husband no longer has to wear an ankle brace to play tennis. Check your local PBS station (they’re on @ 7:30 AM out here).  Highly recommended. Don’t feel bad if you can’t make it all the way through the first time – takes some build-up.




  1. Susan D
    Nov 12, 2018

    Oh wow, I’m all for finding those stretching vids on PBS, but I’m leery of anything calling itself “Aging Backwards”. Seriously? Does she not know how time and aging work?

    And I see my PBS station has three stretchy things in a row each morning at 5:00 AM!!! Well, that’s what PVRs are for, I guess.

    Yup, Louise’s latest is on my library reserve list. I can’t tell where I am in line, because the copies are still on order, but I jumped in there months ago.

  2. Jeanne Fischer
    Nov 8, 2018

    Ok, read faster. Remember your poor old gray-haired mother who went through 136 days (or was it hours?) or was it some other time completely?)of hard labor to get you here and I want repayment in THAT book. Your sister can wait!!

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