Hopeful Thanksgiving

So a little story to tell.  I was working at the bookstore yesterday and it was slow – being the day before Thanksgiving and all.  When in came Penny (not her real name) and her stalwart mom.  If you don’t remember Penny you can read about her HERE.

It was raining, and Penny had on a bright yellow rain slicker and red polka dot rain boots. She’s grown up since I last wrote about her…her hair is longer and she, of course, is taller – but she still has style.

She’s too old now for the children’s art class next door…she’s in school so I don’t see her as much.  But her mom will occasionally bring her in after school gets out.   Her mother explained that this was a school holiday but Penny insisted on coming in just to talk to me.  Mom escaped to get a coffee and browse books on her own.   I took a break and Penny and I sat down at one of our tables to chat.

Many months ago I had bought Penny a copy of The Secret Garden and gave it to her telling her it was one of my favorite books.  Penny wanted to come in just to tell me she’d just finished it and how much she liked it.  I asked her if it would be alright with her if I wrote up her review of The Secret Garden on my blog – she said yes.  (Of course, Penny knew what a blog was. I was silly to ask.  Even the very young know everything about computers and the internet it seems. Her mom is an occasional BookBarmy follower and said she will show this to her.)

Penny’s Review of The Secret Garden

(I took notes, but this is a bit paraphrased)

It  was a very long book with lots of chapters, but me and my Dad read a bit most every night and then I couldn’t wait, so I ended up reading the rest on my own.  I didn’t like Mary at first because she was mean — Dad said it was because she was spoiled and used to her old home with servants.

But then she got nicer once she found the secret garden.

I really liked the secret garden behind a wall and how Dick (en) helped fix up the garden…and how all the animals love him. I also like when Mary and Dick (en) help the other boy (Colin) learn to walk in the garden and how they surprised everyone when he got out of his wheelchair.  Mary ends up liking her Uncle and starts getting happy.  I just really liked the story.  It was a nicer story than Harry Potter which gets scary sometimes.

Then I asked her what she would say to end her review and she had to think for a bit–

(Penny’s quite serious when it comes to reading)

and she responded ~~ this part is verbatim

I think the book is full of hope.  All through the book I was hoping that the garden grows back.  I hoped that the boy in the wheelchair will walk again and that Mary will be happy.

There you go folks – out of the mouth of a special young girl – it’s all about Hope

Happy Hopeful Thanksgiving


  1. MV
    Nov 28, 2019

    Lovely post!! Happy Thanksgiving, Deb and Ray. Wasn’t the same without you. We love you, xoxo

  2. Jud P.
    Nov 28, 2019

    A remarkable passage Deb, your thanksgiving entry. Keeping us in-the-loop, of recent pub. World. Many thanks for the entries, I look forward to seeing thrm, or asking about them at our NH library. Best Jud P.

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