Prague ~~ The Castle

I’m going to stop the count of days, I’m already behind and it’s annoying for both of us.  So from here on, I’ll just focus on the adventure — and happily loose track of the days.

After our heady experience at the Monastery, we hiked down the hill to the beautiful Loreta Church.  (It’s still early in our trip, so  I’m not yet weary of churches and/or cathedrals).  A must see site for pilgrims and considered Prague’s most beautiful Baroque church.  Here, you’ll see,


Another hike down hill through some winding streets brought us to the Prague Castle —


Beset with long ticket lines and throngs of tour groups each with their own guide holding up some kitschy sort of  ‘follow me’ pole.  After not much discussion, we quickly agreed to tour the grounds and gardens and skip trying to fight our way into the Castle itself.

The complex has been the seat of Czech power for centuries.  A bit imposing for these two little travelers.  Within its walls are several museums, Czech’s greatest hits church (Cathedral of St. Vitus) and various palaces for visiting archbishops and aristocratic families.  Our necks craned, we happily wandered just looking and pointing like everyone else.  Here’s a much edited series of photos.  (If you’re ever bored, let me know and I can show you many, many more…)

A little side note – The Czechs have been crazy for this envelope style of building design – you see it everywhere, even on the buildings outside the castle grounds.

After a couple of hours of photos (see I told you I have many) and gawping, we headed down through the gardens and vineyards and saw some spectacular views of the city.

Thus endeth this fine day in Prague.  We closed our evening with purchasing a European sim card for our phone, and bought some ready to heat pasta and a takeaway salad from Tesco’s for dinner. Total cost of dinner $4 – we live large.

Thanks all, for stopping by.  More tomorrow.


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