The good life

Husband and I aren’t very materialistic, we live modestly, don’t drive a fancy car, have but one television, and are known (and teased) for being quite frugal.  “No, we didn’t get your text, we don’t have smart phones…really.”

But we do succumb to a few indulgences – books (natch), good food, wine  ~~ and especially travel.

On a whim, and with a Groupon deal in hand (see, thrifty), last week we took off for a few days on the Russian River.

Our room overlooked the river, full and swift moving after all our winter/spring rains.


We went for a long hike in the redwoods

Did a bit of antique looking – just looking…


Visited a rose nursery and garden – again just looking (no more roses, someone kept muttering…)

And watched a drop dead beautiful sunset on the coast, where the river meets the ocean.


It’s not a large life – but for us, it’s a good life.






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